The recruiting process

The recruiting process

To find the pinkest and brightest shining stars to our teams while securing a high quality recruiting process we are going through a few steps. This helps us remain as objective as possible and also give you the best opportunity to find out as much about us as possible before saying yes to an offer.

  • Psychometric test

    Psychometric test

    As a part of our goal to make objective decisions when hiring new foodorians we always ask you to complete a psychometric test via Alva Labs. The test is built on scientific data and offers a high validity.

  • Phone screen

    Phone screen

    After the first selection we will book a phone screen with you as an initial part of the recruiting process. We will inform you a bit more about the position you applied for and ask a couple of questions related to your experience.

  • Digital HR-interview

    Digital HR-interview

    Next step is a digital HR-interview when we get to dig deeper in your background and ask questions based on the competences related to the role while presenting a bit more about foodora and our cultural aspiration.

  • Case interview

    Case interview

    When meeting with the hiring manager you will present a case that we will ask you to prepare for this part of the process. The case is based on a common situation in the role you’ve applied for.

  • Coffee with the team

    Coffee with the team

    It wouldn’t be foodora if we didn’t include something food related in the recruiting process. A fika with the team gives you the opportunity to get to know your potential future colleagues.

  • Final steps

    Final steps

    As a final part of the process we will check the references you provided and do a background check before offering you a position.